WOW Winner

WOW Winner

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My must have highlighter for under £5!

Hello lovelies, 

Hope your all doing good and having a great week! And for all my fellow mums I hope your wee ones and you are back into a normal routine since they have gone back to school, I know I'm grateful to be able to get more work done along with being able to do things like going to the gym and doing the food shopping in peace! 

Anyway a lot of people ask me what highlighter I use, and guess what? It's a bargain at less than £5!! Available from Superdrug the beauty UK range is good quality and affordable, this highlighter is just £3.99 it's super fine and leaves a lovely dewy glow without being glittery, it's also in a baked formula which is very long lasting. The shade I have is shade no.3- Halo. It's a lovely blend of neutral tones which compliments and makeup look. 

It comes in three lovely shades...

What do you think? Would you try this product? 

Lots of 💗, Sarah. Xxx.