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WOW Winner

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Autograph (M&S) Tan Review

The other day whilst on a shopping trip to Glasgow I came across the new M&S tan from their autograph range, I'm a bit of a tan-aholic so I decided to try it plus the description 'velvet touch lotion' appealed to me, I chose the medium to dark shade. 

This is me before application.... So very pale! 

Ok so speaking of the application I found the consistency really thick and this made it quite difficult to spread so you needed to use quite a lot to get an even blend. The guide colour was a nice golden brown and it smelled really pleasant, no biscuit tan smell! 

Here is me after application.. 

Legs after application. 

 Yesterday I didn't look particularly glam as I only worked from home and then went to the gym, so you can see what it looks like after being washed off, (I truly was not glam, especially since I accidentally put my training leggings on inside out!!) 
I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with this tan, it washed off to leave a medium golden tan which surprised me as the consistency was so thick and dark, I wouldn't say the tan develops deeper, you are pretty much left with the guide colour, I like my tan quite dark so this is why I was a little disappointed. However, it smells great snd really did wash off to leave an even tan, also, it was a great price and M&S have 20% off their tanning range right now so I got it for £6 something, I would probably give this tan 6/10. 

What tan do you swear by? Comment below!