WOW Winner

WOW Winner

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Ciao from Italy!!

Hey everyone! Yesterday we arrived at Rimini Italy for our holidays, it's amazing!! 
There is such a cool vibe about the place, it's spotlessly clean and very safe for young children. The beaches all have play parks for the kids and there is a giant Ferris wheel right on the beach. There is also a gorgeous port lined with bars and restraints and a five mile sandy beach!

I am really impressed so far. Last night we just walked about exploring and went for dinner (pizza and pasta of course) although I feel we didn't see the half if it as there was something new on every corner! Anyway, here's what I wore...

Quite casual for my first night, top is Zara, Denim cutoffs are Levi vintage and wedges are Matalan.

So far having a ball, most of all I love spending quality time with my two loves. 

Speak soon!!

Love, Sarah.