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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Realistic Resolutions

Go on a major diet, workout five times a week, take up a new hobby, learn Chinese? New years resolutions, we have all made them, during that period where the guilt of festive over indulgence sets in it seems to make us feel good to convince ourselves we will be a better version of us in the New Year. But in the long run are we really making us feel good about ourselves? Setting far fetched targets and goals that when not met make us feel under achieved, demotivated and just all round, well, blah... How about this year we be a little kinder? How about we set resolutions that are achievable and in the long term will actually benefit our lifestyle. Small changes to our upcoming 2016 daily routines that encourage a healthy body and mind, that is surely the way forward.

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Healthy Eating
Woman eating fresh fruit
Woman eating fresh fruit
Telling yourself you will forever give up diet coke and master the perfect kale recipe sounds great, but yeah, good luck with that. How about you ease your self in by vowing to drink fizzy drinks only as a treat or as an alcohol alternative because of course, your now tee total. This way if you do decide to abstain from alcohol at least when you have a soft drink it will feel a little more special if you have been sticking mainly to water on a daily basis. As for eating healthily, by all means do it, but again, begin in a kinder, gentler way. Firstly, make subtle changes, change from white bread to brown/granary, use low-cal spray oil instead of your usual cooking oil and make the grill and the juicer your best friend. Most of all, enjoy it, if you enjoy the food you eat you will be satisfied and therefore more likely to enjoy healthy eating.
Positive Thinking
We all know that positive thinking is key to a positive life, but with daily stresses and strains it can be difficult to maintain a sunny outlook all the time. By taking small steps in training your mind to think a different way you can achieve a balance that will result in you being kinder to yourself and therefore more content. So,its a couple of weeks in, your resolve has faltered and you have had one too many glasses of wine and a huge Chinese to make yourself feel better. But now, in the cold light of New Year, you do not feel better any more. So, like many of us are guilty of, you beat your self up and criticise your will power. This is certainly not going to make you feel better, in fact you will end up feeling worse and then may chuck in the towel altogether on any positive plans you had put in place for your New Year. A word that has been mentioned a few times now, kindness, be kinder to yourself. Train your mind into going easier on you. Instead of thinking, 'I'm a failure', think, 'OK,I slipped up, I will pick myself up and try again and everything will be good.' If you continue to think this way about you and others you will feel great and it will impact your daily life in a positive way.
Have a clear out, in all aspects of your life. De clutter your mind by ridding yourself of things that have been taking up space in your life. Energy vampires, who needs them? Whether you have that friend on Facebook who continually saps your energy with negativity or the one who questions your confidence with showy posts, clear them out. Instead replace them with a feed that you will enjoy, healthy tasty recipes, positive quotes or just hilarious videos of animals chasing their tails. Do what feels good for you. De clutter your home so you can have a peaceful environment where you feel happy and relaxed. Again, take it at your own pace, choose to clear out one room at a time, set an alarm on your phone for what you can manage, a half an hour, forty five minutes, and be happy with what you achieve in this time scale. De clutter your body by being a little more mindful of what goes into it, download your favourite music and go on a long walk, yes your exercising, which your body will thank you for but this can also be extremely cathartic. By applying these simple de cluttering techniques to your life, you will soon be in a great place in your body and mind.
Most of all, make your year one full of happy memories. Spend time with those you love, travel, eat good food, meet new people, read that book everyone is raving about, take long walks, enjoy bubble baths, HAPPY NEW YEAR!